MRW Artisan Instruments Three-Year Limited Warranty

Here at MRW Artisan Instruments we are please to provide our customers with this special woodwind warranty only available here!

Our Woodwind Repair Limited Warranty includes:

All workmanship and materials, including pads, corks, and other soft parts utilized in new instruments, as well as those repaired by MRW Artisan Instruments, are warranted to be free of defects for three years from original delivery date under the following conditions:

    • Keywork and external surfaces or reed and brass instruments are to be wiped dry
    • Internal bore surfaces are to be swabbed dry, and/or blown dry to remove moisture during and immediately after practice and performance sessions in order to prevent corrosion of metal parts, damage to wood parts, pads, and other soft parts.
    • For woodwinds, please ensure you are swabbing you instrument every ten to twenty minutes to prevent excessive moisture build up
    • Any repairs that may be needed under this Warranty must be reported to MRW Artisan Instruments within ten days of the discovery of any problem or discrepancy
    • All repairs, including keywork and bore oiling, are to be performed only by MRW Artisan Instruments unless otherwise authorized in writing. 
    • This warranty does not cover abuse, gross negligence, tampering,  intentional damage, unauthorized third party repairs, or damage caused by other repair technicians.

Our warranty is included in addition to the original Manufacture Warranty. 


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