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Chedeville Kaspar CB1 Bb Clarinet Barrel

Chedeville Kaspar CB1 Bb Clarinet Barrel

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Experience superior craftsmanship with the Chedeville Kaspar CB1 Clarinet Barrel, ruggedly designed with utmost precision and care. This exquisite barrel provides precise intonation and exceptional smoothness and responsiveness, along with exceptional stability and pitch accuracy. Enjoy a truly luxurious musical experience with this one-of-a-kind artisanal barrel.

The new Kaspar CB1 Clarinet Barrels are designed to add power and projection to the clarinet sound while decreasing resistance. The unique hourglass shape of the outside of the barrel was inspired by the interior shape which is the design element most influential in the sound projection of the barrel. The outside hourglass shape further increases resonance by reducing the thickness of the material at the center of the barrel. The Hard-Anodized Aluminum construction gives the Kaspar CB1 Clarinet Barrels their powerful sound and greater projection and because it’s Aluminum, they are also lighter than traditional barrels.

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