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Clark W Fobes Synthetic Bb Clarinet Barrel

Clark W Fobes Synthetic Bb Clarinet Barrel

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Made from high-density polymer, this synthetic barrel will never change size or shape. It has a responsive, focused sound. This barrel works especially well in cold or dry climates, or if you want a bit more "zing" in your life. 

Make the solo SING with the Clark W Fobes Synthetic Bb Clarinet Barrel! This groovy barrel is designed for improved tonal quality and resonance. Wow your friends, impress your teacher and show off your sound with this one-of-a-kind upgrade! Let your true clarinet skills shine!

This barrel is available in 64 mm, 65 mm, 66 mm, and 67 mm.

**The synthetic clarinet barrel is for Bb clarinets ONLY**

***Returned mouthpieces will be charged a 10% restocking and sanitization fee per mouthpiece.***

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