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Thore Piccolo — Grenadilla

Thore Piccolo — Grenadilla

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Discover unparalleled intonation and playability with the Thore Piccolo – Grenadilla. Meticulously crafted from seasoned grenadilla wood with an unstained finish, this piccolo offers a warm, full tone. The traditional straight style headjoint complements the highly polished bore, providing a light response and a broad dynamic range.

Nickel-silver-plated keywork enhance the instrument`s longevity and aesthetic appeal. Fish skin pads offer a reliable seal and smooth key action, contributing to an extraordinary playing experience. Your purchase includes a Thore cleaning set, case, and nylon bag for comprehensive maintenance and easy storage.

Enjoy peace of mind with a two-year warranty that ensures the flute`s lasting performance. Experience the exceptional quality of the Thore Piccolo – Grenadilla today!

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