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Clarinet Clean, Oil, and Adjustment Monthly Subscription

Clarinet Clean, Oil, and Adjustment Monthly Subscription

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Routine maintenance is extremely important to keep your clarinet is good working condition for many years to come. From our experience, good care practices and routine maintenance your clarinet can play for the better part of a decade without needing any major repairs. We know how costly it can be for instrument repairs. To help alleviate the up front costs of repairs we have launched our new repair subscriptions.

Our annual COA features:

  • Full cleaning of clarinet body, barrel, and bell
  • Key Polishing
  • Oil the bore and body (wooden clarinets only)
  • Inspection of clarinet body, pads, and cork
  • Replace up to 5 damaged or worn pads
  • Replace any missing key corks
  • Thoroughly clean and oil all hinge rods and pivot screws to ensure maximum mobility
  • Case cleaning to remove any accumulated debris

Our Clarinet Annual C.O.A. Subscription charges you a monthly fee for your choice of an semi-annual or annual C.O.A. If work is completed, subscriptions are required to be active for a minimum of 12 billing cycles for the annual plan, or 6 billing cycles for the semi-annually plan. If no work has been completed you may cancel at any time. Additional fees may be charged if the instrument needs repair beyond the scope of a standard clean, oil, and adjustment as outlined above. By completing the purchase, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

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