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Clark W Fobes Grenadilla Bb/A Clarinet Barrel

Clark W Fobes Grenadilla Bb/A Clarinet Barrel

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Look no further than Clark W Fobes Grenadilla Clarinet Barrel - a sure-fire way to deliver a smooth, professional sound every time! Crafted with Clark Fobes renowned expertise and guaranteed superior quality, this barrel will have you sounding like a rockstar! Get groovin' with the Grenadilla Clarinet Barrel.

The grenadilla clarinet barrel is available for both Bb and A Clarinets.
It is available in 64 mm, 54 mm, 66 mm, and 67 mm

This barrel does not work with the Yamaha CSG line of clarinets. Please purchase the barrel specifically for the CSG. If you purchase the wrong one by mistake, please let us know so we can change your order. 

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